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MUSAAFA INDUSTRIES was established to fulfill the desires and needs of the valued customers over the world in the field of Surgical, Beauty Care, Dental and Veterinary Instruments. MUSAAFA INDUSTRIES was incorporated with the vision to provide only high quality instruments. MUSAAFA INDUSTRIES manufacture products according to the needs, desires & demands of the customers.

Since 2001, MUSAAFA INDUSTRIES has been develops a good image in the eyes of customers by providing the admirable quality instruments, and we committed that we will strive to keep and enhance our customer relationship & trust. Though decades of hardwork, customer relationship and trust, MUSAAFA INDUSTRIES now becomes an icon, professional and experienced in the manufacturing & exporting of high quality instruments.

We have been an established and popular company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is first and foremost priority of our company, so we highly valued the desires, demands, needs of our customers, take as serious and do our best to fulfill them within a given time period. We have never compromised on the quality and services provided to the customer. We are very conscious regarding maintaining & improvement of our product’s quality, reliability & durability. After completion of manufacturing process, the instruments are dispatch to quality inspection department, where our experienced and trained staff carefully inspect instruments & their material by using state of the art machinery and technology. All instruments are manufactured according to the requirements of international quality management standards.

We highly feel proud to have experienced & skilled employees who working with our company since decades with full attention, devotion, hardworking and loyalty. Our human resource department is very important regarding wellbeing of our employees, and take much care of their health, needs & demands. We at MUSAAFA, keep our employees happy and motivated by providing a friendly and conducive base work environment. We encourage team based working style, which results in timely delivering quality products meeting the global standards and customer requirements. We keep our organization's environment clean and keep away from any kind of pollution.

Our organizational culture is based on unique moral values efficiency, spirit, purposiveness, motivation, determination, welcoming, commitment, result oriented, passion and integrity. These values are backbone for our company and help us in achieving our organizational goals, customer trust, support and long term business growth.

Our commitment is to provide only high quality products with a vision to keep our customers more satisfy, and happy. Our products are manufactured according to the requirements of international standards and the production process carefully monitored from beginning to ending(raw material to packing of products). We have never compromise on quality of our products. We offer market competitive prices of our products and keep our customers happy by delivering shipments more fast beyond their expectations.


We would like to offer our services for your business. Please feel free to keep in touch with us about any of your business related requirements.


We warmly welcome to our respected customers and assure them provision of high quality products, life time guarantee and value added services to their business.


Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you.